Gone In The Blink Of An Eye: Capturing Quick Subjects With Slow Shutter Speed Photography

Swift cars in dark boulevards, a merry-go-round in an amusement park, a fire dancer’s sparkling poi: These are some quick and lovely sights that can be captured by slow shutter speed or long exposure. Utilizing slow shutter speed photography makes a static photodynamic. Simply put, it captures the splendor of motion.

Image source: smartphotoeditors.com

The long exposure technique can be utilized in two ways: It can freeze motion to make all the aspects in the photo crisp, and it can also be used to blur motion. Yes, that’s right, a blurry picture. A blurry effect can actually add an artistic spice to a photo. The slow shutter speed technique may seem technical but with a little practice, beginners can also have fun with this technique.

Image source: essentialtravel.co.uk

Image source: essentialtravel.co.uk

Some cameras provide a shutter priority mode, in which the camera automatically adjusts aperture after the user sets a shutter time. For Canon, it can be set to Tv while it is the S setting in Nikon cameras. The user can set a very slow shutter speed (around 10 to 30 seconds) to seize as much light as possible and to capture a cool motion blur. Using a tripod in this technique can be a great help. Also, “panning” the scenes can create a dreamy effect, especially in nature scenes such as waterfalls and ocean waves.

A medical abstract writer, Vijaya Boggala, is also enthusiastic about sports, arts, and photography. Action and slow shutter speed photography are among his favorites. For more photography articles about him, visit this page.

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