A Lesson In Painting: Acrylic Portraits

Acrylic painting allows for more versatility because of the medium’s fast drying time. Most beginners usually start with acrylic paint, working first on nature landscapes then proceeding to portraitures. Painting portraits in acrylic is not exactly difficult but does require several steps.

maxresdefaultImage Source: YouTube.com

Remember that acrylics dry pretty fast. Thus, it is recommended to build portraits in layers. That is, start out with basic rough paints then layer color until one achieves a realistic copy.

A great tip is to outline the subject’s face in light yellow. This color is an ideal base because it is easy to cover up. Naturally, this outline just copies whatever rough pencil drawing one initially made on the canvas. After this, the painter can use light purple to solidify the yellow marks. At this stage, it is okay to be pretty messy with the yellow and purples. These lines will inevitably be colored on later.

full_5470_199945_SelfPortrait2013_1Image Source: craftsy.com

The next tip would be to go over the figure in various shades of red. This brings the picture to life and adds more dimension. One can use green to shade over the violet. The combination of these two colors gives depth. The portrait should begin to look more three-dimensional. One must be careful with the green that it does not overpower the violet and give too much shadow. Ideally, the violet should fade into the green.

Painters can now exercise their creative license after this. There are many tips available on what steps can be taken next. Some leave their exaggerated version and add highlights. This leaves a pop-modern look. Others try to add subtle tones by coloring in blues. Blue can mitigate the two prior shading colors and make them look more natural.

Painting portraits is a challenging bur fun endeavor. However, given enough practice and patience, one will find much happiness.

Vijaya Prakash Boggala loves to paint using both oil and acrylic. Learn more by liking this Facebook page.

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