Reduce And Reuse: Inexpensive Diy Halloween Décor Ideas Using Things At Home

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to do some research for DIY décor that children would surely enjoy. Here are some ideas from the web that creatively reuses things you probably already have at home so that you can reduce your expenses during this fun, spooky season.

luminariesImage source:

Tin can luminaries

This is a great idea for recycling empty tin cans. Using a marker or Sharpie, write words or draw images onto the cleaned empty tin cans. Using a hammer and awl or nail, puncture holes along the outline of the letters or image, and space the holes evenly for a clean design. Paint the cans black, and when dry, poke the holes with a toothpick if they get clogged by paint. Place a candle in each of the cans and line them up on your porch!

6a00d8358081ff69e201bb07962dee970dImage source:

Ghost lollipop bouquet

This is another way to reuse empty tin cans or mason jars. Paint the same with black or any other color of paint. Cut 4 x 4 square pieces of white cotton cloth and drape each onto a lollipop. Tie the cloth with twine just right below the candy and around the lollipop stick. Using black paint, dab small circles for the eyes of your lollipop ghosts. Put a block of floral foam inside your painted tin can or mason jar and stick your lollipop ghosts in them. Put them on display or hand them out to kids during Trick or Treat!

Vijaya Prakash Boggala, a medical abstract writer, is also fond of DIY projects. For more décor ideas, like this Facebook page.

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