Creating Ethereal Photos Through Long Exposure

Applying long exposure to capture moving water, clouds, or stars will create a dramatic effect and a softer tone to your photographs. Long exposure photography is not difficult, as it simply means setting shutter speeds to last for a few minutes, but there are important techniques to remember for proper execution.

long-exposure-landscape-photography-04Image source:

Before setting up your camera, find the perfect spot and angle. More important than technique is an eye for good composition. Choose your subject and other elements in the photograph and be guided by the rule of thirds.

41afb35ddac09c39700bba34f8f070c2Image source:

A camera with a slow shutter speed will be very sensitive to motion. You would need to mount the camera on a steady tripod or surface; you would also need a remote, or you could at least set a timer to release the shutter because even the shake in pressing the shutter button will affect the photo.

Be conscious of the amount of light available. During the day, you would need neutral density filters to block excessive light during long exposure. At nighttime, watch out for other accidental sources of light that may interfere with the photograph, such as the light from your cell phone or a nearby bonfire.

A medical abstract writer by profession, Vijaya Prakash Boggala is an artist by heart. His hobbies include photography, DIY crafts, and painting. Follow this Twitter acocunt for more photography tips.

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