The many reasons tennis is a beloved sport

Most sports give individuals the opportunity to be healthy mentally, emotionally, and physically.  Tennis is among the most loved sports of all time.  The benefits of playing (even watching) tennis is enjoyed by recreational and professional athletes of all ages.


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Tennis is a great workout.  From tossing the ball for service to hitting a volley, tennis keeps the body moving.  Over the years, team workouts have become a thing, yet tennis players have been doing that for decades.  The sport promises minimal injuries.  Yes, there could be sprained ankles or hurting wrists after hardcore tennis for years, but tennis is still considered a safe sport as compared to contact sports.

The sport can be considered affordable, even if it’s considered an elitist sport.  While tennis rackets, balls, and gear can be expensive, with the proper racket, footwear, and a free court, money won’t be an issue.  Tennis is played everywhere and is well-loved around the world.  Many friendships have been formed through playing the sport.  Learning to play tennis would mean having a skill for life.  Many tennis players who have quit playing for a time find that their bodies still know how to hit shots, thanks to muscle memory.


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As a social sport, it helps a person develop interpersonal skills that can be useful on and off the court.  Families are brought closer together by their love for the sport.  Tennis is a classic sport that has a wide following around the world.  It teaches a lot about how it is to have good sportsmanship in times of triumph and defeat.

Vijaya Prakash Boggala enjoys watching cricket, tennis, basketball, and other live sports.  Visit this blog for similar updates.

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