Top tips for better landscape photography

There is a reason why amateur landscape photography pales in comparison with a photo taken by a professional. Professionals take into consideration multiple elements and plan ahead when taking a picture instead of just whipping out a decent camera. If you want to take frame-worthy landscape photography, here are some tips to help you out.

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Showcase depth: One of the strengths of landscape photography is the amount of detail one can show in an image. Simply wasting this space with a subject and the sky or the horizon as a background won’t get you much. When taking landscape photography, imagine a visual journey where the viewer sees one layer after another. Using a wide-angle lens immensely helps you capture a bigger frame.

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Use water to your advantage: Water can be used in many ways even in landscape photography. You can use water as a reflective mirror to fill the image further provided the water is still, and the reflected image is crisp. Capturing the movement of water is another way of utilizing the element. When doing this, try practicing your long exposure skills to create amazing images.

Use people as subjects: The difficult thing about landscape photography is when people are detached to the photo. To better appreciate the image, people sometimes need points of reference just to see how big the image is. Besides objects, using people as subjects in landscape photography magnifies the image further. Keep in mind that the subject doesn’t have to be at the center of the image.

Vijaya Boggala has written a number of medical abstracts for scholarly journals. An artisan at heart, he also enjoys the arts and is particularly fond of DIY projects. He is also a photography enthusiast. More on Vijaya’s work and interests here.

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