End the holiday blues with these DIY projects for parents and kids

When it’s too cold outside, and there’s nothing much to do at home, parents and kids can still have a great time indoors with arts and crafts activities that will maximize their creativity. Check out these easy to make DIY projects:

Image source: Pexels.com

Artsy paperweight: This project requires fist-sized flat stones, art brushes, and paint. Parents and kids can have fun choosing their own designs and patterns. Or if they want to go with the stone’s shape, they can make it look like a turtle, fish, car, or a face. Throwing in some quotes or catchphrases with fun patterns is also a good idea.

Crate storage: Old wooden or plastic crates can be turned into storage bins that will eliminate clutter in a child’s room or play area. These materials can be upcycled by painting them in bright colors before mounting them in a child’s room. Parents can let their children have fun in the designing and painting process. As for the finished product, these crates can serve as sturdy shelves or baskets for toys, books, clothes, shoes, and even gadgets.

Image source: Pexels.com

Corkboard wall: Corkboards are cheap and easy to mount. To start, get a large-sized corkboards and heavy-duty mounting tape. Parents and kids can decide whether to paint the boards or add embellishments such as washi tapes and stickers before putting them up. After painting or designing the boards, put them up in a good spot where a child can proudly show off his or her artwork, awards, and other interesting stuff. The corkboard can also be used for notes or reminders.

These easy do-it-yourself projects are quick and cost-effective, perfect for hours of old-school creativity. Turn cold and lazy days into memorable times with these artsy activities.

Vijaya Prakash Boggala works primarily as a medical abstract writer. He is also a sports enthusiast, arts lover, and avid landscape photographer. Get to know more about his interests by visiting this page.

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