Have the Lakers and Lebron reached their peak?

With the NBA season halfway through, the highly-touted Los Angeles Lakers are only a half-game ahead of the Utah Jazz in the last spot for the playoffs and barely above .500. The Western Conference is a lot less predictable than ever with Lebron James’ transfer; however, the question now is have the Lakers reached their peak?

Image source: washingtonpost.com

It has been a rollercoaster ride for the NBA’s biggest market as the Lakers have had stretches of both brilliance and mediocrity. And with the NBA’s number one star, James, out on a groin injury, I, Vijaya Prakash Boggala, have noticed the Lakers in danger.

Sure, guys like Kyle Kuzma and Lonzo Ball have stepped up, but not consistently. Rajon Rondo, as effective as he is, has also been plagued by injuries all throughout the season. These factors have to be taken into consideration since people, especially Laker fans have high expectations of their storied franchise.

Image source: si.com

With their lineup intact, the Lakers have shown that they can beat even the mighty Golden State Warriors. But a complete lineup seems to be elusive. What’s more is that this is only the regular season. The playoffs are a completely different animal. With teams like the Houston Rockets and the OKC Thunder hitting their stride, it’ll take much more from the Lebron James and company to stay competitive.

So, have the Lakers reached their peak? For the sake of Laker fans everywhere, I hope that they haven’t. This is Vijaya Prakash Boggala signing out.

Vijaya Prakash Boggala is currently honing his skills in action photography, slow shutter speed photography, and landscape photography. For similar reads, visit this blog.

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