Naomi Osaka: A closer look at the new world No. 1

There’s no doubt that after her U.S. Open final win against former No. 1 and America’s favorite, Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka instantly became the tennis world’s new darling. Much younger than her peers in the Grand Slam circle, Osaka of Japan is a new breed of champion.

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She’s believed to be a gift to the tennis world by none other than Billie Jean King. Osaka has the heart, the mind, and strength of a champion. Her victory against Williams at U.S. Open and her magnificent triumph against Petra Kvitova at the recently concluded Australian Open is a statement to the big guns that the young ones have arrived and are here to stay, according to tennis fan Vijaya Prakash-Boggala.

Osaka quickly became a darling not only of the tennis world but also of the social media for her funny antics and millennial quirks. Much like people her age, she enjoys Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, updating her accounts on a regular basis. While she carries the flag of Japan, she owes her training to the U.S. If there is one thing Osaka lacks as a champion, it’s the arrogance of one.

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Osaka, as Vijaya Prakash-Boggala believes, is unlike most of her peers as picks up her own trash on the court instead of expecting the ball kids to do it for her. Born in Japan, she bows after every match, both to her opponent and her supporters. Naomi, the new world No. 1 and darling of tennis, says she can’t act entitled even after winning two consecutive Grand Slam titles.

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