Three tips for cleaning an acrylic painting on canvas

Vijaya Prakash Boggala’s day job involves writing abstracts for published medical literature. During his spare time, he enjoys painting using oils and acrylics on different media, often on wood and canvas. For fellow artists and art lovers, here are some tips on cleaning and preserving acrylic paintings on canvas:

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Remove dust using a small vacuum brush or a soft shaving brush

Remember to remove the frame before cleaning the painting. This is to prevent dust from gathering around the edges. If the artwork shows no sign of peeling, you can proceed with cleaning using the vacuum brush. However, if the paint is beginning to flake, you can use a soft shaving brush to gently dust the surface.

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Use a cotton cloth dipped on soapy water

DIY enthusiast and painter Vijaya Prakash Boggala has worked on a variety of art projects. When working with acrylic paintings on canvas, the simplest way to clean it is with a simple cotton cloth and soapy water. If the painting has amassed dust or grime after a few years, wiping the surface will restore its color. However, you must be gentle when it comes to cleaning up the paintings to prevent some of the paint from coming off. For best results, use an olive oil-based soap as it won’t damage the pigment.

Vinyl eraser

For minor stains, using a vinyl eraser can do the trick. If you want to do detailed cleaning, you can use a magnifying glass to spot unnoticed areas. Like the methods mentioned above, you also have to be gentle with the painting to prevent peeling and flaking.

It’s always refreshing to see paintings displayed. Artists and owners must regularly dust and clean the works to maintain the quality.

Vijaya Prakash Boggala works as a medical abstractor. He spends his free time expressing himself through art and photography. For more art-related updates, visit this Twitter page.

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