Tips for adults who are learning how to paint

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Because of the pandemic, people are forced to stay inside their homes as much as they could. This has led to adults leaning toward all sorts of hobbies like learning how to cook, how to play an instrument, or learning how to draw. Similar to the last hobby, adults may have also taken up a paintbrush and started painting again or for the very first time. As one of the most evocative art forms available to all, painting can help one get through these rough times, according to avid painter Vijaya Prakash Boggala. If it’s your first time to paint, here are some tips for you to learn a lot faster.

Get comfortable
Being comfortable helps make the painting experience more conducive. This could mean relocating your painting area to a quiet place with ample lighting, wearing something comfortable, and making use of a proper easel to not strain your neck.

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Find your preference
There are dozens of painting styles people can choose to study. From Pollock’s messy drip technique to Picasso’s cubism, or the dreamlike imagery of Chagall, finding one you like best is a good way of molding your sensibility. According to Vijaya Prakash Boggala, imitating your favorite artist is a great way of learning your artistic identity later on.

Paint from life
If the focus of your painting is photorealistic paintings, it is best to paint real-life objects instead of focusing on a 2d image. Pictures are flat, but real objects can teach you how to interpret three-dimensionality. It’s less trial-and-error and more learning from what you see. And, once you learn certain principles, you can easily apply it to other objects.

<ahref=”https:”” site=”” vijayaprakashboggala01=”” “=””>Vijaya Prakash Boggalahas written a number of medical abstracts for scholarly journals. An artisan at heart, he also enjoys the arts and is particularly fond of DIY projects. More on Vijaya’s work and interests <ahref=”https:”&#8221; people=”” 141907604@n04=”” “=””>here.</ahref=”https:></ahref=”https:>

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