Tennis talk: A recap on the blissful decade

The last 10 years seem to have flown by fast, especially when the tennis players who finished at the top then are still the ones finishing at the top now. Some chose to lead a simpler life off tour, trading their intense training sessions for business meetings and bridal showers.

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Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic have still finished at the top in 2019, a familiar sight for tennis fans since 2009. After experiencing several setbacks over the past years, the three have emerged stronger and better than before. Andy Roddick and Andy Murray are still strong forces in the tennis world but for different good reasons, says Vijaya Prakash Boggala.


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With young contenders both in men’s and women’s tennis, the game has reached new levels. In WTA, Serena Williams never left the scene, for positive and negative reasons, while Venus Williams remains the more low-key winner in the family. Justine Henin had a tearful exit back in 2011. Maria Sharapova, undeniably the most diverse among the pack, was subject to a two-year suspension for doping. Finding the silver lining, Maria went on to train harder and make her sweets—Sugarpova—a global candy brand.

Young contenders such as Bianca Andreescu, Naomi Osaka, and Coco Gauff are set to make the next decade more exciting and high-impact for WTA. Alex Zverev, Stefanos Tsitsipas, and Nick Krygios have become household names in the men’s circuit. For loyal tennis fans, seeing Nadal, Federer, and Djokovic playing their best after many years is always a treat.

Vijaya Prakash Boggala writes medical abstracts. He is a huge tennis fan. For more tennis reads, visit this blog.

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