Essential tips and tricks for landscape photography

So you’re there, fronting a kaleidoscopic sunset or a break in the clouds that just revealed some majestic vista.  Understanding the basics of landscape photography is most important in these situations, as the challenge is in capturing the fleeting scene in all its glory.  Here are some tips to ensure that you will bring the moment with you.

Use a tripod

Even the most minute of shakings can ruin a photo, so a tripod is not just important but necessary.  Longer shutter speed requires such stability compensations because of the resulting small aperture.  Consider getting a wireless shutter to make the camera even more still.

A focal point is a must

As in all good photography, focal points allow the eyes to rest on a fixed position.  Without such a fixture, the shot will look dull and barren.  Use the rule of thirds when deciding where to situate the focal point in your shot.  These reference points could be, among others, a particularly interesting tree, rock, building, or plant.

Depth of field is key

Even more recent smartphone cameras have this function, and it’s because their depth of field is crucial in landscape photography.  Keep in mind that the smaller the aperture, the greater the depth.  Make it a point to get as much of the scene in focus; you are not taking portrait shots here.

Be conscious of lines

Lines that exist in the scenery, however subtle, lead the eyes of viewers into the image.  So be extra aware of them and how they create an illusion of movement and offer depth, pattern, and scale to your photo.


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Vijaya Prakash Boggala is a photography enthusiast.  Action photography, slow shutter speed photography, and landscape photography are among his favorite approaches.  For similar reads, drop by this blog.

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